Let's Develop Solutions


We've all heard we must diversify Wyoming's economy, and while I agree, I believe we also need to protect the jobs we already have. This means standing firm against the federal government regulations that harm Wyoming industries. The state should utilize all options in protecting Wyomingites' livelihoods, including fighting the federal government in the courts.

To increase jobs in Wyoming we must have a skilled and knowledgeable workforce. In addition to providing our young students with great educational opportunities, we also need to invest in apprenticeship programs, skills training and advanced degree programs.

We must continue to cultivate a business friendly environment to grow development of small and large businesses within the state. We can do this by ensuring Wyoming’s regulatory process is reliable and streamlined without compromising our longterm commitment to the environment and workforce safety.

As your state legislator I will push to fight the federal government, support programs empowering our students and workforce and ensure Wyoming remains business friendly.


Declining revenue in Wyoming can mostly be contributed to falling energy prices. However, due to Wyoming’s fiscal conservatism the state is well positioned to weather this downturn. During good fiscal times money was saved and now we must face the reality of current revenue forecasts and trim our budgets. Budget cuts and conservative usage of the reserve fund should allow Wyoming to recalibrate and come out of the bust stronger and better prepared for today and tomorrow’s economy.

As your state legislator I will push to stretch the value of every dollar before strategic budget cuts and conservative usage of the reserve fund occurs.

Health Care

Rising health care cost are unsustainable for the state of Wyoming and Wyomingites’ budgets. Wyoming’s healthcare budget expenditure is approaching 2 billion dollars. We need healthcare professionals in the legislature with the knowledge to help identify waste, abuse and where to invest to save money.

Focus should be placed on preventive healthcare measures to reduce long-term cost and ensure a healthier Wyoming.  A strong commitment to mental health is needed because unmet needs can lead to increased costs due to worsening health, poor life choices and poverty.  

Investment in drug rehab programs will equip those addicted with the skills needed to overcome their addiction and develop coping skills to become productive members in society.  

The aging population is growing; creating programs to allow senior Wyomingites to safely stay at home longer will save families and Wyoming money.

Medicaid expansion, which is apart of the Affordable Care Act, was developed to address the on going lack of affordable health care for lower income in the United States. Each state has an opportunity to submit an individualized plan for Medicaid expansion. The Wyoming legislature has opted out of expansion over concerns of cost, private insurance sustainability, potential for system abuse, federal government dependence, and fear of federal government failing to fully fund their commitment. I believe both sides for and against have legitimate concerns and I look forward to hearing what the community has to say. Regardless of the debate, inaction is expensive and cost lives.  The state legislature needs to present an alternative to provide stability for lower income Wyomingites’ and hospitals.

As your state legislator I will do more than say yes or no to Medicaid expansion. I will work with health care professionals and stakeholders to develop cost efficient alternatives. Currently there are several clinics currently operating within the state that provides a model for an alternative. Theses clinics coordinate resources of local communities, hospitals, non-profits, state and federal funds to provide basic health care services. These are not free services, but based on income regardless of insurance status. These clinics ensure preventive healthcare, acute and chronic conditions needs are met. Ideally, the results would be fewer ER and hospital admissions and preventing health problems from developing into more serious disease process resulting in less expenses paid out later by Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, or unpaid hospital bills. This will not substitute for traditional health insurance, but I believe it will help save money in the long term and provide affordable care to the working poor. 


Wyoming’s commitment to education should not waver. Education is the great equalizer, ensuring everyone is able to develop the skill sets and knowledge to thrive and not just survive today's and tomorrow’s economy. Education will be the cornerstone of Wyoming’s foundation in developing a reliable, skilled and advanced population and workforce.

As your state legislator I will work closely with education professionals to support our schools in creating programs helping our students be leaders and productive members of society. I also want to empower our teachers by ensuring their voice is heard, allowing them to prepare students for life and not for tests.

Second Amendment

The US and Wyoming constitution protects our rights to bare arms and defend ourselves.

As your state legislator and fellow gun owner, I will defend our precious rights with vigor.

Hunting and Wildlife

Wyoming values hunting and wildlife equally. Hunting and fishing is a proud heritage and culture teaching conservation, instilling life lessons and creating lifelong memories.

Wyoming’s wildlife is equally important and through the support of sportsmen and sportswomen we are able to ensure future generations will enjoy a thriving wildlife population.

As your state legislator and fellow sportsman, I will fight to protect our hunting culture and abundant wildlife to ensure current and future generations share the same experiences.

States’ Rights

Wyoming must continue stand up against the federal government’s attack on Wyoming families. The federal government's constant barrage of regulations negatively affects Wyoming’s jobs, public lands use, education, water rights and erodes States' rights. Wyoming should let the federal government know we will defend our livelihood and western values by every legal means.

As your state legislator I will make certain Wyoming is involved in federal public land use discussions and push back against imposed federal regulations affecting Wyoming. I want to ensure our Wyoming interests are protected and heard. Also, I support creating resource-sharing partnerships with other states to save cost and provide a strong collective voice.